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Sometimes getting started is the hardest part. Whether you're new to Tales2go or just looking for a refresh, this post is full of ideas to help you excite students and encourage them to listen to stories. With the ever-growing catalog, once they get started, they won't want to stop!

Behind the Scenes

Start by bringing your fellow educators on board. Multiple enthusiastic teachers, librarians, and administrators will give students a multifaceted experience and your colleagues can help you to promote engagement.

  • Schedule a webinar with the Tales2go PD Coordinator: We'll introduce everyone to the interface and audiobook library, plus allow time for everyone to ask questions and share ideas.
  • Share a video or do your own live demonstration: We get it - everyone's schedules are packed. Sometimes scheduling a webinar is tough, so we've created video tutorials demonstrating everything from logging in to saving a bookmark, for desktop and mobile devices, at home, and at school.
  • Print or email this cheat sheet as handouts so everyone has a quick reference guide after your webinar, demonstration, or as a follow up to the video.

Engaging Students' Parents

Remember that one of the major benefits of audiobooks is the ability to surround your students with fluent, sophisticated spoken language even when they're not in school with you. Most subscriptions include a take-home license that will allow your students to listen wherever and whenever they like. Engaging students' parents can benefit the whole family by promoting literacy for all members of the household.

  • Print or email this letter to parents and visual login guide to explain what Tales2go is, and how easily they can access it. [This page contains links to download Spanish and English versions. Email us to ask about other available languages.]
  • Add a demonstration station to your Back to School Night or Classroom Visit offerings and help parents download the app to their phones on the spot. Print some bookmarks with the QR code to make finding the app a breeze.

Post, Post, Post

As the saying goes - out of sight, out of mind - keep engagement up by using digital and physical reminders to students and staff that they have access to this fantastic resource! Plus, licenses can be used at school and at home.
  • Spread the word on social media! Use one of our images (click the link to download files), or post cover art of titles that are of particular interest to your students (or teachers).
  • Place physical reminders: Use table tents around devices in the library or media center, and also by the check out station. Table tents convert to shelf talkers when placed on shelves under books that are on display.
  • Print stickers and bookmarks: Apply stickers to dust jackets of books that are available on Tales2go or put bookmarks in them. One of the best things about Tales2go is that every user can listen to the same book at the same time - no more waiting for popular titles!

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