Rotation Roundup

Do your students participate in literacy rotations? The Daily 5? Tales2Go can be used in some of your stations!

You can have students listen to a story and discuss in your small group meetings. Have a response ready (you can use one of these) and discuss away!


small group listening

A great way to decide on titles for each group is by looking at the grade level, age level, Lexile, or AR points listed. It's always fun to choose a topic and find 3-4 books at different levels for students to read.

Within The Daily 5, "Listening to Reading" is a daily rotation. Luckily, Tales2Go has over 4,900 titles to choose from!

listening to fluent reading on tales2go


Here are some ways for students to know what to read:

  •  Make a list of possible books for students that they must choose
  • Give some guidelines (i.e. must be non-fiction, or has to be a book you've never read!)
  • Have possible subjects and students can use the search tool to find a book


How else do you use Tales2Go in your classroom? Please leave comments or e-mail me at

Happy listening!

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