Searching for a Super Story

Hi listeners! 

With over 4,900 audio books for kids currently, you should know a few different ways to search through our titles on a desktop, laptop or mobile device. I'll include some screenshots of what the mobile device app will look like, but it's the same process and content on the desktop!

Step 1: After you launch your app and you are logged in you should be at your homepage/topics. This is where you can choose from a wide variety of ages, grades, genres and more! Keep in mind that if you choose age or grades specifically, there are HUNDREDS of titles so I'll show you a more detailed way to search in Step 2.

In this search, starting at the "Topics" page, I clicked Genre, then American Tales. As you can see, the titles range from Grades 1-2 to 6-8! If you were to scroll down, there would be even more grade levels and ages : )


Step 2: Now I'll show you the more specific way to search and filter your searches. From your "Topics" page, click down at the bottom where you see the magnifying glass. That will pull up our "Multi-Variable Search Feature."


Now you can filter and get more specific results! Here is an example:

Clicking "Search Again" will clear the search fields.

Some other great and new features we have on our app include Lesson Plan Titles that tie with some of our learning resources online.

Need more help or guidance? E-mail me ( or comment below!

Happy listening :)

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