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Valentine's Day is around the corner! What better way to share your love of listening and reading than with a Valentine? Whether you're encouraging your students, colleagues, sports team, or even yourself to do more listening, these ideas will help you spread your love of listening and learning to everyone in your life.

Listening Love

If you're staying away from sugary sentiments, there are loads of sugar-free Valentine ideas. We especially liked these that double as listening activities - great for helping students focus and re-center after a class party or just because it's an exciting day!

Pink Dough Hearts

  • Cook up a batch of Valentine's Day play dough and give your students something to squish while they listen to stories. You might think of play dough as a treat for younger students, but put a few balls of fresh, glittery dough out at a faculty meeting and there will be few idle hands. This printable includes a recipe for classic homemade dough and a sheet of round cards perfectly sized for the tops of mason jars. 
  • Make your own color by numbers! Choose your school's mascot, characters from your students' favorite stories, or any other image and turn it into a custom color by number card with this nifty website.
  • Get your students thinking about words and spelling with a word search. The wonderful people at Discovery shared this word search creator with lots of customizable features.Celebrating Galsimage-3

Colleague Care

You're always telling us that one of the best ways to get all your students listening is to get your teachers and staff listening first. So take this opportunity to remind them all to love listening themselves!

  • Keep kindness in mind by gifting teachers a stack of blank buntings for their students to share reasons they like each other. This printable comes with ready to print and cut bunting flags and wraps to encourage friendship.
  • Give your colleagues the gift of serenity and a story with these cute cards that feature a spot for a tea bag.

Remember to tag us @Tales2go on Instagram or Twitter when you make or give your Valentines so we can show you some re-gram love, too!

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