Getting Started With Tales2Go


This is post is meant to give administrators and teachers ways to get started with the resources needed to make the most out of their Tales2go audiobooks subscription.

Attend a webinar
Become familiar with app, site and resources- find them at
Present info at staff meeting (we can help you put together a packet)
Give teachers a place to start: read aloud, small activity (graphic organizer)

Attend a webinar
Become familiar with app, site and learning resources
Model listening
Start small: read aloud first, then small group, then individual
Get parents involved

We always have webinars coming up that you are more than welcome to attend. If the times don't work for you, we'll gladly setup a time for you!

Find our webinars and other professional development opportunities here.

E-mail me at if you are ready for more documents and materials to hand out at your school and help get everyone started!

Happy listening :)

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