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Summer Reading

You've all been working on your summer take-home packets, and we're delighted that many of you have assigned or recommended a listening component in addition to your traditional reading assignments. Listening to audiobooks is a simple and entertaining way to keep kids engaged over the summer months. Listening to stories can feel less like "homework" and more like fun, even though listening is just as educationally valuable

This week, Berkeley Public School Libraries released their Summer Reading Recommendations. They included helpful headphone icons on all the titles that are available to listen to on Tales2go. If you're still looking for some great titles for the summer, be sure to check out their list. The recommendations are available by grade level for Kindergarten through Grade 5. 

Last year, Mary Ann Scheuer, Teacher Librarian in Berkeley, recorded an EdWebinar all about audiobooks. She goes over the results of a study that investigated the effects of adding a listening component to literacy instruction and also some of the ways in which schools in her district are using audiobooks to promote engagement and excitement about reading.

Summer Story StackIf you're not on break yet, or while you're preparing for summer, consider audiobooks in your plans. As you read or listen to each story, keep a log with our Summer Story Stack. Sounds like a great summer ahead!

Tales2go Summer Listening Program

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