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Spooky season has begun and we are here. for. it! Our resident T2g spooksters have combed the catalog for the very best terrifying tales to share with your boos and ghouls. Sorted by grade level, we have stories to treat revelers of all ages.

T2g_PumpkinThe pre-reader picks fall into a category we like to call spooky-adjacent. They're related to the fun of Halloween, but the content isn't actually scary. If anything, these titles can help our youngest listeners get acquainted with the silly fun of the season.

Moving into the elementary level, these tales start to incorporate some mystery and light suspense. Many of these stories are more about curiosities and questions than actual creepy content.

At the middle school level, we get into the actual scary stories. Listeners tell us their tweens and pre-teens can't get enough of mystery and magic. These stories are great for students who like a little fright and suspense. Get ready for mythical being, ghosts, and other creepy creatures with this batch of books!

Last, but definitely not least, the high school titles are terribly terrifying! These titles come highly praised (and enjoyed) by our spooky story lovers. We suggest listening in the daylight, unless you're really going all in. If that's the case, our resident scary story connoisseur, John, recommends listening in the dark for a fully frightful effect. Don't say we didn't warn you!

Click here for the entire link library - with direct links to each title. You can share this URL! For those of you with tech savvy students, the QR code below links to the Spooky Stories Link Library so students can access the titles directly from their mobile devices. For a spreadsheet of all these stories (plus a few extras), click here.

Spooky Stories

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