Stories for Self-Care


Let's face it - the holidays can be stressful! Taking some time for yourself might be one of the best gifts you get (or give!) this season. Here are some ideas to help you relax amid the holiday hustle and bustle.

Make Chores More Cheerful

Listening to a story makes clean up time much more enjoyable - and helps the time go by faster, too. Even kids who typically refuse to clean up their rooms might be enticed by an exciting story. 

Self Care Stories

Stretch Your Creativity

Do you knit? Crochet? Embroider? Quilt? Audiobooks are the perfect match for fiber artists and fabric lovers who need to watch what their hands are doing, but get tired of listening to the same songs on repeat. 

Fiber Art Stories

Practice Good Sleep Hygiene

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Visions of sugar plums keeping you up? Try turning on a meditation track to soothe yourself to sleep. Wean yourself off of scrolling your screen before bed and try listening to a story in the dark instead.

Puzzle It Out

What kind of jigsaw puzzler are you? Sort out the edge pieces first? Corners? Sitting down to a puzzle is a great way to center yourself. Try pairing your puzzle with a story - match the picture on the puzzle to your title or try a mystery and solve your puzzle without looking at the box!


Planning for the New Year?

Give your self a head start on your literacy programming for the spring semester. Read about how you can use audiobooks to support your readers!

Audiobooks support literacy programs

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