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It's here! The new and improved Summer Listening Library is now live. We took subscriber feedback from last year, and think you'll love this re-imagined Library.

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Live Website

This year, our listening suggestions are all presented on a live website. You can click on any of the titles to jump right in! No more printing pdfs or checklists. Plus, there's a little intro blurb about each title to help you make your choices. Of course, all the titles are available, so it's really more about prioritizing which titles you want to read first.

Grown Ups Join In

We heard some students' grown-ups were pretty stoked about listening in past summers, so this year, we've created a listening list just for you! These titles are all new to the library this year, and have either been trending or requested. Of course, we invite everyone to poke around all the lists - you never know what you'll find to spark your listening interest!

Forward Friendly

This year's Summer Listening Library is email forward friendly. Anyone with a Tales2go account can use this library to get listening right away. So go ahead and share the URL with anyone and everyone! Pro tip for Library License subscribers: this is great information to add to the login summary sheet that's automatically generated when you lend a license. 

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Stopping the Summer Slide

Listening to stories is one of the easiest (and most fun!) ways to combat the effects of summer slide. Hearing that sophisticated, fluent language helps all of us build our vocabularies and improves our comprehension skills. So leave the sliding to the pool and backyard slip and slides and keep students' minds engaged with stories!

Unlimited and Simultaneous Access

Everyone with an account has unlimited access to the Tales2go library. That means listening to as many stories as you want, any time, anywhere you have an internet connection. Of course school-implemented restrictions apply for some younger listeners, but students can listen to as many stories as they like throughout the entire summer. If they get hooked on a series, they can listen to all the books without waiting for anyone or returning anything.

Family Friendly Listening

All the titles recommended in the elementary grade levels are suitable for enjoying as a family. This means you can listen in the car, around a fire pit, during a camping trip, or in a blanket fort on a rainy day! We know that students enjoy listening to stories outside and above their reading levels, so listening as a family can actually improve younger students' literacy. Bonus: listening as a family provides common knowledge that serves as conversation starters and can bolster comprehension skills. 

How are you planning to use this year's Summer Listening Library? Tag us in your posts on Instagram! Now that things are starting to open back up, we want to see all the ways and places you're doing literacy differently!

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