Tales2go Summer Listening Program is Here!

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Many of you are already thinking about Summer Reading requirements for students. We know that adding a listening component supports students's reading ability. So this year, we hope you'll consider including a listening component in your students' summer reading requirements. With that in mind, we hand-selected titles that inspire and excite students at each level to encourage them to keep listening and reading beyond their school requirements. 

As we get into the summer months, watch this space (subscribing makes that easy!) for continued posts that focus on content that gets kids engaged. Summer is the season of fun, but the Summer Slide is a real phenomenon. In the coming months, we'll post ideas for keeping students' minds active and curious. Something as simple as trading songs for stories in the car or at the pool can make a big difference when summer winds down and kids head back to school!

For now, download the Tales2go Summer Listening Program packets for each grade range, and let us know what stories you're excited to hear. We hope you'll join us in listening and make this summer swell with stories!

2018 Summer Listening Program Titles

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