Summertime and the Listening's Easy

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The AC is on, camp schedules are settling, beach weeks booked. But have you figured out your summer listening plans? Research shows that students who don't read over the summer months can lose serious ground by the time they head back to school in the fall. Fortunately, audiobooks make it easy for kids to keep up their literacy skills without making it feel like they're working too hard. The warm weather and relaxed atmosphere are a great setting for teaching children how enjoyable reading can be. Summer is a great time for families to listen to stories together, too. Students can understand and enjoy listening to stories above the level they can read independently, so choose stories for road trips, warm evenings in the backyard, and everywhere in between. 

In the pdf packets available here, you'll find all our summer listening recommendations, organized by grade pairs. Teachers and librarians - incorporate these into your summer reading lists! All Tales2go subscriptions are accessible year-round, so students will have access to all 9,000+ titles throughout the summer. Remember that listening is unlimited, so they can listen to as many titles as they like and switch whenever they want without requiring a trip to the library. Bonus if you're able to get students hooked on a series before school is out - they'll be able to listen to the whole set during the summer!

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