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Students love using Tales2Go for the "Listen to Reading" station as part of the Daily 5. They typically get to choose the book, as the Daily 5 encourages students to be independent learners. Students often want to continue the story later and decide to use Tales2Go during choice time or at home. Teachers enjoy this because there is such a wide variety of titles and it's easy for kids to use.

daily 5 listen to reading

The Daily 5 is all about making students better readers and writers, and Tales2Go loves that listening is 1/5 of this process! I found a great document to help you get started with implementing the Daily 5 in  your classroom. Thanks to the Greeneville City Schools in Tennessee for making this!

listen to reading

The only thing I would change in "Listen to Reading" is that students do not always have to follow along with the pictures or text. Common Core and other State's Standards require that students "interpret text presented orally" which is just listening. This is a great time to encourage students to visualize, complete a reading response and write down any vocabulary they are unsure of.

I found some great posters you can use with your Daily 5 implementation in your classroom from Anita Bremer's TeachersPayTeachers store. Enjoy!

listen to reading

What works in your classroom or school? How have you gotten your students to become independent learners through the Daily 5? We would love to hear your stories!

Happy listening :)

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The following is a post written by Teacher Librarian and Tales2go user, Kim James. Thank you for sharing your Tales2go experience, Kim!

Educators...have you been looking for comprehension questions and activities for your listening centers? Look no further!

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