The Many Ways to Use Tales2go

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Here are a few ways to use your Tales2go audiobooks subscription...which one do you use the most? 

Whole Class Read Aloud

teacher whole class lesson audio books tales2go
This class is listening to a story read aloud on Tales2Go. You can have your students do a reading response or graphic organizer while they listen!

Shared or Partner Reading 

headphone splitter shared reading
Use a headphone splitter for shared listening.


Small Group Guided Reading

small group guided reading listening This is a great part of a daily literacy rotation. Each group can be listening and responding to a different story.


Individual/Independent Reading 

visualize drawing tales2go audio books
This student is making mental images and then putting them on a white board! Great for visualizing.


Library Center 

Alcuin School Library Listening Center
These students are listening at a center in their school's library!


Are there even more ways and places to use Tales2Go?? Please share with us!

Happy listening!


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