The Whole Library in Your Pocket


Getting books to the students who want and need them is a perpetual project for most librarians and literacy educators. One school librarian in Washington, D.C. found a solution to this problem! Raegan Conlin is the Lower School Librarian at the Parrott Library at St. Albans School. One part embracing digital resources, and another part encouraging students to read what they like, her library web pages have gotten some major love over the past school year. Luckily for all of us, she's sharing her work - just in time for Summer Break!

Students need to be able to choose titles based on their own interests. Resources have to be available so students can actually access the titles they want, when they want them. What's worse than getting excited about a book than hearing you'll have to wait for someone else to finish it before you can start? As we edge closer to summer, many schools are working out how to get resources to students to maintain the learning they've achieved this year, and hopefully prepare for next year.

Virtual bookshelf showing book cover art with librarian Bitmoji smiling on the right

Raegan created a website for the Parrott Library where students can visit virtually! Especially crucial when the boys were learning from home, this site has become a major contributor to her literacy program's success. Just as you'd expect from a library, the virtual Parrott Library is dominated by actual books. Raegan curates virtual bookshelves to appeal to a wide variety of student interests. Arranged and presented to mimic a physical library, Raegan uses Bitmojis and decorations to make the virtual space inviting and interesting.

By creating this simple virtual representation of her Social Media Coverlibrary resources, Raegan was able to maintain and even increase her students' literacy practices over the past school year. Best of all, her students can continue to use this resource throughout the summer. If you're reading this thinking it's great, but there's just no time to create a whole virtual space before the end of the year, we've got you covered! ICYMI, we created a whole Summer Listening Library that includes some of the most popular current titles.

Access is included as part of your current subscription. Just share the link and enjoy a summer full of stories! Keep up with Raegan and the Parrott Library over on Twitter!

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