Top 5 Ways to Use A Tales2go Library License

A Tales2go Library License is a quick and easy way to upgrade your school's audiobook collection, expanding the utility of audiobooks across the school building. It comes with 10 licenses to use within the library/media center and 25 concurrent licenses that can be lent to students or teachers.

Listening can be done in the library/media center, in classrooms, and at home! Simultaneous access is given to all 7,600+ titles in the catalog. That means no more waiting! No more waiting until the next class to get the next book in the series. No more waiting for someone else to return that super hot book!

There are so many different ways creative librarians and media specialists use their Tales2go Library Licenses. Today, we've rounded up our top five ways to use one. If you're a Library License subscriber and have an idea you'd like to share, let us know down in the comments!

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1.  Motivate struggling readers

Students at any age or level can easily become discouraged when decoding gets tough. But they can understand and appreciate that same text when they listen to it. Listening removes decoding as a struggle, and keeps students enthusiastic because they’re enjoying the same content as their peers.

Each time you lend a license from the librarian portal, there's an optional field to type in listening suggestions for that particular student. Or use that space to write them an encouraging note! Then easily print or email download instructions and login info so your student can get listening. Remember, they'll have access to the whole Tales2go catalog, so they can listen to as many books as they please until you choose to recall that license - meaning you can assign a long-term license to specific students if that makes sense.

2.  Provide historical perspectives and primary sources

History teachers use all kinds of materials to make textbook content more engaging. Take your students on a field trip to the past with actual recordings of historical speeches

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Or choose a biography of a notable figure from the time period you're studying. Focusing on one person's perspective and hearing about their individual life events is a fantastic way to get students interested and engaged. Remember that lendable licenses aren't just for students - teachers can borrow licenses to use in their classrooms for one unit or the whole school year!

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3.  Listen to well-known stories in a different language

Students taking a foreign language can listen to well-known children’s stories and fairytales in French or Spanish. Since they will know the stories in English, they’ll have an easier time comprehending it in their new language. In any language, listening to fluent language helps develop better pronunciation, vocabulary, context, and fluency.

French and Spanish teachers can borrow a license to play a children's story for students in class and break it down, scene by scene. Students who want or need extra time to listen can borrow a lendable license from the library and listen to any of the hundreds of foreign language titles available in the catalog! 

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4.  Embrace your students' heritage with multicultural titles

Research shows that students like to hear, read, and tell stories about characters who look and sound like them, doing the same things they like to do. Easily give your students what they're looking for from hundreds of multicultural stories and folktales from within the Tales2go catalog. Be sure to check out the storytellers section, too!

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5.  Stop the Summer Slide

The struggle is real when it comes to Summer Slide. Sure, we can assign homework, summer reading lists and the like, but none of that is going to get kids excited about learning. Listening to stories, on the other hand, might do the trick! Get students hooked with the first title of an awesome series, and they'll be listening (and learning) all summer long!

Unlike a regular library book, a Tales2go lendable license sends students home with access to over 7,600 titles. The licenses remain active until you recall them, so if you identify students who coud benefit from listening to stories all summer, they can listen stress-free, continuously!

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The above are just five favourite ideas. There are so many more ideas out there, like co-listening at home to enhancing family relationships, adding to holiday celebrations, and supporting sports to encourage physical activity. What will you do with instant, unlimited, and simultaneous access to thousands of titles? Keep your eye on this space for more of our thoughts on how to use your Library License and other subscription options too!

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