Hiding in Plain Sight - Finding Math Everywhere

Students often struggle against learning new concepts because they don't understand how what they are being taught will be useful. Sometimes all that's needed to encourage students to see the…

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Walk on the Wild Side

In honor of National Wildlife Day, this week's title round up features wild stories about animals! We have titles about the lifestyles of the wild and famous, survival stories, and factual titles…

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Spring has sprung!

It’s hard to tell with the chilly weather we’ve had in the DC area, but spring has officially begun and it’s nearly Easter! In today’s post, we’re encouraging Mother Nature to warm up a bit with…

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Pi Day is on the Way!

What's a mathematician's favorite holiday? March 14th! Why? Because the date, 3/14, reminds them of that magical mathematical constant, Pi. Who doesn’t love a day that combines learning and food?…

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