Visualizing for Comprehension

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As educators, you know the importance of reading comprehension. Whether they are reading, listening or watching, students should constantly be making pictures in their head. And actually, not only in their head but also, on paper! Since listening is a different input than reading, one of the activities they can do while listening is draw pictures.

Here are some visualizing ideas your students can use while listening to audiobooks that will not only help them comprehend what they are listening to, but they will LOVE doing it!

*Model listening and drawing for your students with a DIFFERENT text than they will use.

*Use white boards instead of paper- erase and start again on the next "scene" or story!

draw and listen


*Use a comic strip or a page with room for multiple pictures.



*Pause the story every couple minutes to allow students to complete their drawing

*If students are listening on their own, have them trade drawings with classmates and see if they can guess what's happening in the story!

Here are some great texts for visualizing:



Enjoy and as always, comment or e-mail us with any questions!

Happy listening!

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