We Can Do Anything

As Hellen Keller said, we can do anything if we stick with it long enough. A few years ago, we wrote about natural disasters and ways to help your students stay positive. As we find ourselves in another challenge, we thought we'd remix that post and bring you some new ways to keep moving forward. 

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Get the facts.

Consuming news constantly can lead to anxiety. Take a minute to consider a balance that works for you and stick to it for the next few days to see how you feel.

  • Control your content. Find a news source you trust, whether it's the CDC or your local authorities. Sign up for notifications, and then put them on mute. Designate a time to look at news each day, check those two or three sources for their updates, and get on with your day.
  • Get some good news. If you're on social media, find and follow some good news accounts. They're popping up everywhere and do an amazing job sharing different content. Some of our favorites are @goodnews_movement @upworthy and @somegoodnews

Expand your understanding.

Accurate information leads to understanding and understanding leads to confidence. However, things are pretty fluid and it can be hard to know what's best in an ever-changing news cycle. Once you've covered the up-to-date facts, dive deeper or explore some other contexts to help round out your understanding. 

Get the Facts

  • The Tumble Podcast has an episode about viruses that's short, informative, and of course, kid-friendly. 
  • Some medical staples have humble beginnings - like the bandaid!
  • Maybe you have some budding MDs in your home - listen to this inspiring story of the first female doctor in America. 

Focus on the good.

There are so many good things happening out there amidst everything. Companies are turning their resources towards supporting our healthcare workers. People at home are turning scrap fabric into masks and page protectors into face shields. YOU are getting creative with ways to engage your students and keep their thoughts positive.

We want to hear what you're doing so we can share the goodness. Parents, if you're reading this because a teacher or librarian sent it to you, let us know! Teachers and librarians, if you have a way to help get your families are listening, tell us about it! We're here to keep helping you do this, because it's going to work if we just stick with it.

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