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Many of you are reading this post from your new home work spaces! First, thank you all for doing what you can. Second, we know it's not easy for everyone. Some may welcome this time at home to catch up on (or start!) projects long neglected. But others find it difficult for a variety of reasons. We hear you. So we're going to share ideas on how to keep the positivity high and, importantly, keep students engaged and maybe even entertained.

While we're all keeping our safe distance from one another, we can still build and maintain community with the help of technology. So if you're on Twitter or Instagram, tag us, DM us, and share how you're #learninginlockdown. We'll get through this by supporting each other, and we could all use a little pep talk these days.

Challenge: Not enough devices for everyone at home

  • Listen together! Give everyone 10 minutes to look through the library and choose a title. Make a list. Draw straws or roll a die to determine an order and listen to everyone's selections in order. BONUS: You'll have lots of material to spark family conversation.
  • Make a rotation chart. Remember those responsibility boards from your elementary school days? Have a house meeting to agree on some tasks and set a timer. Rotate through so that everyone gets their time to tech!
  • Go old school. While you're taking turns typing, get rough drafts done on paper if you can. For kids who want screen time for entertainment, entice them with non-digital fun like board games, obstacle courses, and scavenger hunts!

Challenge: Cabin fever... already

  • Make a peace corner. Stack some extra pillows, blankets, maybe a big hoodie or two in a secluded corner where people can go for some alone time. Staying in with loved ones can be wonderful, but sometimes we all need a little time to ourselves. Recognizing this and literally making space for it can be the difference between harmony and discord.
  • Get away - virtually! Pick an adventure story and let the narrative transport you to another place and time.

Challenge: Missing friends

  • Write it out. Practice penmanship and write your friends letters. Have you read "To All the Boys I've Loved Before" by Jenny Han? One letter can change your life!
  • Have a virtual playdate. If you have internet connected devices, you can convene a chat over Google Hangouts or FaceTime. We've heard of book clubs keeping their meetings going (and more frequently!) this way. Does your friend have a book you don't? Read to each other over the phone!
  • Do a distance date. In areas where it's allowed and safe, go for a walk outside. Take photos of what you see and turn them into a short story for friends. Take turns sharing what you see.

If you know any other school communities who could benefit from access to audiobooks, please share this information and this post about how Tales2go is trying to help schools with their distance learning programs.

Take care, stay safe, and share your stories, so we can all stay connected!

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